Hosted Payments Tester

What is Hosted Payments

Hosted Payments is an application to allow you to quickly, easily, and securely integrate payments into your existing web application. Hosted Payments uses Fullsteam hosted iFrames to collect sensitive card data to keep you out of PCI scope.

3 Actions


The Token action allows you to get a Token to represent a Credit / Debit card or ACH Account. You will then be able to use that token to make calls to the Fullsteam Gateway API to make subsequent transactions. This action is useful for when you just want to collect the account information, but aren't ready to use it just yet.


The Authorization action allows you to perform an Authorization to the Issuer against a Credit Card. You will get back the transaction ID for the authorization and will be able to later call back in to the Fullsteam Gateway API to complete that transaction. This action is useful for if you want to go ahead and authorize a transaction but aren't ready to complete it yet, OR if you plan to use Level 2 / Level 3 data which can be passed in with the API call to complete the transaction.


The Payment action allows you to fully complete a payment transaction without having to make any additional calls to the Fullsteam Gateway API. This action is useful to give you the simplest integration.

2 Flavors

Hosted Forms
Hosted Forms uses a Popup style iFrame input form to collect all the data in one place. The Hosted Forms option is easier to integrate to, but gives a little less control over the look and feel of the data entry.
Hosted Controls
Hosted Controls uses individual data field iFrames for each element that is to be collected on the page. This allows the host page to have complete control over the look and feel of the data entry experience but is more complicated to set up.